Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Honeymoon

For our Honeymoon we went to Ochos Rios, Jamaica for a week! It was incredibly fun, relaxing, romantic and adventurous!

His and Hers Pina Coladas
View from our Balcony

The Beach

Some cheap sandals I bought for us. Thought they'd be cute but they were horribly uncomfortable, and they didn't leave good imprints in the sand. It is the thought that counts though, right?!

Sea Eurchin that Matt brought out of the ocean...I think we are lucky we didn't get poisoned! This thing was cool...the little spikes were stiff when you would touch them but they would move around and look flexible...weird!
I think this is a picture one of the waiters took...yah mon!

The craft market.


Gotta get the closeups!

We took a Catamaran to Dunn's River Falls and stopped off for half an hour to snorkel before getting to the falls. Snorkeling was alot of fun! View of the resort from the Catamaran.

Here we are on the Catamaran

At the base of Dunn's River Falls
Hand in Hand is the way they recommend you go up. Matt and I mostly went it together!
I just love this one!
Climbing the Falls was by far one of the coolest things I have ever done! We met alot of fun and nice people on the boat too!

Sooooo coooool!

If you ever go to Jamaica I would recommend the Dunn's River Falls for sure! I hear you can take a taxi over there and do the falls unguided for a bit cheaper, but then you miss out on meeting everyone on the boat ride over. Matt and I really enjoyed meeting people from all over. We met alot of Canadians (some people even thought we were Canadian). We also met people from Chicago, New York, England, Italy and Germany.
It is so cool to go somewhere and see all these people and have no idea what language they will be speaking when they start talking. I enjoy hearing other languages!
I am too tired to go into alot of detail about the Honeymoon, I just wanted to get this posted because I know I will have more to post real soon!

Soul-mates are people who bring out the best in you. They are not perfect but are always perfect for you.
~Author Unknown

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Wedding

Words cannot begin to describe our Wedding Day, but I will try to formulate the feelings into language. As I waited for Jacquie (my personal attendant) in the lobby of the hotel I watched outside as twinkling snowflakes twirled around and danced and fell softly to the ground. I felt very body was so relaxed...not one hair stood erect..."This is my Wedding Day, I marry Matt today, I am so blessed" is what I was thinking. Jacquie met me and we headed to get my hair and makeup done...all my girls were there (Emmy, Amanda, Teri and Lynn). What an amazing feeling to be with my girlfriends, the ones who mean so much to me and who add so much to my life and who I will count on through all life's ups and downs. Jacquie, who is my cousin, is someone I really wanted to become closer to and I felt that my wedding would be a perfect opportunity. I am so happy I went with my feelings on that because she is such a kind and wonderful person! After getting my hair and makeup done, we stopped at the hotel and then we were off to Sacred Heart. I put on my dress and then it was time to see Matt. The photographer came to get me. As I walked to the small room where Matt was...the joy just came pouring out of me...I was so excited and proud of who I was marrying...I started to cry. As I went up behind Matt and tapped on his shoulders, he turned around and was beaming with happiness. We could not stop kissing and hugging and crying. I felt weightless. I felt God surrounding us. Just before the ceremony I stood in the stairway by myself...listening. I could hear guests enter...I could hear the beautiful piano music...I felt very serene. I looked up and saw the beautiful stain glass windows and then I closed my eyes and said " This is it!" I met my dad at the bottom of the stairs. As they opened the doors I saw all these wonderful people looking at us. They were there to support and love Matt and I. These people from different times of our lives, who have helped shape who we are and who have helped us be together. God is good! I did not make it very far before the joy overwhelmed me and I cried....hard. As I met Matt and he took my hand up to the altar...I felt very warm. We stood there holding hands as the judge spoke and I felt every word seeping in. We stood there looking at eachother...smiling...crying...with a little giggle here and there. We said our vows. We made our commitment. And it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. We shared our first kiss as husband and wife and it was filled with passion and excitement!! We walked down the aisle with new energy! Amazing! Thanks to my brother Eric for taking these pictures! For our first dance we danced to Firehouse: Love of a Lifetime. Sorry no pics of our first dance...the professional got those! My dad and I danced to Rod Stewart: Forever Young Matt and his mom danced to Frank Sinatra: Fly me to the Moon My mom and I danced to Bette Midler: Wind Beneath my Wings

The Wedding Party dance was James Brown: I feel Good

Later on in the evening Matt and I danced to Harry Nilsson: Lime in the Coconut The first time we heard that song we were in Florida at the Shell World shop and we just thought it was a funny little song.

The next day, before going through the car wash we got some pics of the lovely paint job!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let us Rejoice!

I am leaving soon to drive north because I get married on Saturday. Oh my gosh...I am so excited!!

I never would have imagined I could marry someone so perfect for me, so my other half, someone who brings me such joy!

I will be back to share pictures from the wedding and honeymoon in a week and a half!

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

Monday, November 3, 2008

For Emmy

I had the pleasure of doing some maternity pictures for my dear friend Emmy. She is the Maitron of Honor in my wedding this Saturday (woooohooo!!!). She would tell you how much I put her through in this session...making her sit on the ground etc. Thanks Emmy for being such a trooper!

She is due on Thanksgiving and does not know if she is having a boy or girl. I went to an ultrasound with her and every time she asks if she gets to have a 3D ultrasound and they always say no, not today. Well I was so fortunate that the day I went with they said YES! It was amazing...the detail of the face was like the baby was already here. I was almost teary!

Emmy, Leif and Sam

Emmy and Leif, I can't wait to meet your new baby, but please keep it inside until I return from my honeymoon!!!

A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone.-- Author Unknown