Friday, August 21, 2015

Learning through the struggle

I am trying to learn to use my Wacom tablet for drawing in photoshop.  I drew the bird above no less than 10 times and I am still not completely thrilled with it but it is better than the first one I drew.
By nature I am someone who has a million ideas, I think "I could do that!" and when I fail to meet my expectations I give up and try something else. 
Around Christmas time last year I started to see a new possibility through my art.
I realized the struggle and the working through was important and vital to the process.
So many times I paint something and think "eh, I don't like how THAT turned out."
And now instead of hanging my head I move on, I let it sit, I paint over it, I don't dwell.
I am naturally creative but not naturally artistic...does that make sense?
Being creative is part of me, the itch that keeps itching. 
If time for creativity is lacking I get crabby.
But being artistic, that is a muscle that needs to be worked.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The way he is...

I truly admire the way he is with the girls.
He can play so no one feels left out.
Where I struggle, he shines.
This is the way he is, the way I have always known him to be.
He is all inclusive, leaving no one on the sidelines.
And I admire him year after year.