Friday, April 24, 2015

After the storm

After the storm, comes enlightenment.
And when the storm goes on for years, and then suddenly a moment of clarity comes, it is with greatest glory that the next moment is lived.  Like being reborn, given another chance to do right, to be love, to dance in the wonder of the world.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

New practice in gratitude

There are times when I resist what is.
Sickness.  Someone dying.  A whining child.
Could be anything...minor or major.
Then I remember it is not me that wrote the plan.
 But I do have the power to make choices.
I like to choose gratitude.
Sometimes I just need a new way to arrive at being grateful.
Something I came up with today was thinking about different body parts
and remembering the things they have done. 

Now, breathe....
Start with your feet.
Close your eyes and think...
Where have they walked, jumped, danced, hopped, biked...
What things have they touched?  Carpet, sand, grass, spilled food, soft rocks, pointy rocks..
Next, close your eyes and think about your butt.
Think of all the places you've sat.  Chairs, laps, blankets, grass, cars...
Isn't it almost overwhelming!
Keep going.
Where have your hands been? 
What have they touched?  Whose hands have they held?
What have they done?
Move to your mouth.
What words have come out?  What foods have you eaten?
What was it like when you lost a tooth? 
What smells has your nose smelled?  Do certain smells
bring memories?
What sounds have your ears heard?  Are there voices you remember?
What sights have your eyes seen?   What amazing talents have you seen?
I encourage you to go through this. 
Obviously you don't need to answer these questions, just go through thinking about different body parts.  I realize if one has been there the whole body has been there but I think it's more powerful to think of each one in isolation and then see where it takes you.
Please let me know if you try it and what you think. 
I'd love to hear your experience!