Sunday, June 29, 2008

Huntin' and Tappin'

Matt and I continue to hunt for a house. We have only seen a few and were going to look at one today. It was an old farmhouse with some updates and two 40x60 polebarns, perfect for Matts business. Then we found out that the house is sold but still shows on the market, so it was a no go today. Maybe there is something holding up the sale or maybe it is truly sold. Oh well, it is not like we need to go anywhere right now, just would like to. So the huntin' continues, wish us luck!

I am always amazed at peoples talents. I was looking around on youtube and found this tap dancin' video. Wow, talk about synchronized feet!! You will want your sound on for this one. For the past 5 years my brothers and my dad and I have put on a play for our Grandparents and significant others, and for the past 4years I have done a tap dancing routine....I have fun but my feet sure don't move like the ones in the video. This is a picture from Christmas 07' where I danced and sang to Gayla Peevy's "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" . One thing I learned, practice dancing and singing together before the performance...I ran out of breath! I knew the dance and I knew the words but didn't have breath control...oops!

Insert Geeky picture here-------->

Well thats all for today!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love and Humidity in the air

Today I woke up late to try and prepare myself for my night shifts that start tonight. I went on the internet as usual and found a cool site. . I entered my address and up pops a map and then I clicked a little route and Voila! , it tells me what the distance of the route is...I find that very neat! I didn't have much time because I had to meet some of the girls to try on their bridesmaid dresses, but I did go on a quick mile walk in the hot hot humid air. No complaints though! I am so not in a routine for excercise, I was thinking if I have different options of walking routes and I know what the distance is, it may be more exciting!

Then I was off to meet 3 of the girls in my wedding (Teri, Emmy and Amanda) for Bridesmaid dress tryin' on....the dresses are gorgeous! Teri and I then went and had dinner at Mi Casa..had a delicious Shrimp Chimichanga...sounds kinda nasty, but was delicious!! Everything is coming together. I got Matt's ring the other day and put it on his finger and he said "Aw, it's like you're asking me to marry you, I can't wait until it is official!" So sweet, these are just great times. We both feel very blessed in our lives right now!

Okay gotta have a picture in every post. No pictures from the events of today, but a nicely lit flower from when I went to the Conservatory in April, I love that place!

A day spent without the sight or sound of beauty, the contemplation of mystery, or the search of truth or perfection is a poverty-stricken day; and a succession of such days is fatal to human life.
Lewis Mumford

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Boys all around...

This weekend I was at 2 showers for friends that are having boys. And each one had a guest baby boy....I tell ya, baby boys all around!

Showers are so much fun. Here are a couple pictures from Karmens' shower on Saturday. She is my work buddy.

I looked for a recipe to make Blue punch and found this, it was really yummy and pretty. I got the idea for rubber duckies on the recipe page and found these light-up ones at Cub of all places. The only thing is that the ice cream looked like bubbles at first and then turned into more of a curdled look...not so yummy looking after that!!

Oh baby Luke, full of smiles and so cuddly! His cheeks are just so squeezable!

The Weelend Night Crew: Nicole, Karmen, Tanya, Me [we're missing Tia :( ]

Then on Sunday we had Mariannes shower. How does a girl keep from having baby fever with all these babies around!

Here is Marianne....isn't she so cute pregnant?

Ahhh Cupcakes, yum yum. Amanda made these, didn't she do a good job? I love how she made them look like rattles!

And Emily and baby John. She was making bass music with her mouth and he was lovin' it! He is almost 3mos old already, time flies!

I can't wait to meet Karmen and Mariannes babies and to listen to their motherhood stories. Exciting times!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And the Story of Now begins...

I have been searching for the right tool that I could use to express myself creatively and also one that would allow others to read at their leisure. I put out a newsletter in April and I liked it but didn't feel that I could say everything that I wanted to say in one day and with the space provided. Also, I wanted to be able to share personal adventures and dreams as well as business news. So I started brainstorming, and that is what brought me to the world of blogging. Welcome to my Blog, check back soon!

Greg Anderson