Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Baby Boys all around...

This weekend I was at 2 showers for friends that are having boys. And each one had a guest baby boy....I tell ya, baby boys all around!

Showers are so much fun. Here are a couple pictures from Karmens' shower on Saturday. She is my work buddy.

I looked for a recipe to make Blue punch and found this, it was really yummy and pretty. I got the idea for rubber duckies on the recipe page and found these light-up ones at Cub of all places. The only thing is that the ice cream looked like bubbles at first and then turned into more of a curdled look...not so yummy looking after that!!

Oh baby Luke, full of smiles and so cuddly! His cheeks are just so squeezable!

The Weelend Night Crew: Nicole, Karmen, Tanya, Me [we're missing Tia :( ]

Then on Sunday we had Mariannes shower. How does a girl keep from having baby fever with all these babies around!

Here is Marianne....isn't she so cute pregnant?

Ahhh Cupcakes, yum yum. Amanda made these, didn't she do a good job? I love how she made them look like rattles!

And Emily and baby John. She was making bass music with her mouth and he was lovin' it! He is almost 3mos old already, time flies!

I can't wait to meet Karmen and Mariannes babies and to listen to their motherhood stories. Exciting times!

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  1. Love the picture of Mar! I haven't seen her since March! Can't wait to meet my new little nephew!