Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Love what I do!

I am blessed to have this unique role in peoples lives; I get to capture the beauty and the essence of who they are!

On Thursday October 9th I photographed Kaitlyn and Luke! Little Luke loved playing with the leaves, it was hard to get him to even look up. Kaitlyn enjoyed getting her picture taken and loved playing with the horeshoes and jumpin' in the leaves! These two are so cute!

On Saturday October 18th I took some pictures of two fur boys...Murray and Zack. We had a lot of fun running around in the backyard!

This is Zack...

This is Murray....

I just love capturing the beauty of life!

Beauty is not caused. It is. ~Emily Dickinson

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This one's for my girls!

This past weekend I had my bachelorette party. Emmy and Amanda (Maitron and Maid of Honor) put on an awesome party...they did quite the planning. We went to a place called "Retro on the River". This house was awesome, but what was so cool about it was the women that joined to celebrate with me. Everyone had their part...bringing food, wine and laughter into the house!

I just want to say how very blessed I feel to have so many women that I can count on to celebrate with or to call on when I need a friend! I am thankful for each of you!

The weekend was trully special and memorable!

Top from left: Emmy, Marianne, Emily

Bottom from left: Leisha, Teri, Nicole, Beth, Bridget, Me, Amanda, Natalie

Me and Amanda
Marianne, Emily, Bridget
Late night Karaoke
Jacquie and Denice

Natalie, Karmen, Me, Nicole
Edie, Me, Denice, Mary, Momma

Denice, Mary and my mom have this habit of closing their eyes when the flash goes off, so they have figured out if they look above the camera they are fine...makes for some interesting pictures ;)

Way back: Heather
Back Row: Nicole, Teri, Emily, Marianne
Front Row: Beth, Leisha, Me, Bridget, Amanda, Emmy

Momma, me, momma Peg
Emily and Jacob, Emmy and John
Emmy and Me
Toiletpaper Brides: Jacquie, Momma, Denice, Teri with Ava
John, Jacob, Ava

Thanks Girls!!!

A Friend…
Accepts you as you are.
Believes in "you.
"Calls you just to say "Hi."
Doesn’t give up on you.
Envisions the whole of you, even the unfinished parts.
Forgives your mistakes.
Gives unconditionally.
Helps you.
Invites you over.
Just wants to "be" with you.
Keeps you close at heart.
Loves you for who you are.
Makes a difference in your life.
Never Judges.
Offers support.
Picks you up.
Quiets your fears.
Raises your spirits.
Says nice things about you.
Tells you the truth when you need to hear it.
Understands you.
Values you.
Walks beside you.
X-plains thing you don’t understand.
Yells when you won’t listen and,
Zaps you back to reality.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

For TJ

Here is a little preview from Tj's Senior session yesterday. He is so easy going and has a very kind heart. He loves animals. He rescued Gulliver, this Golden Retriever/Shepard mix.

It was fun working with you TJ! Hope your Senior Year is fun and memorable!

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. ~Abraham Lincoln

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrations of Life!

Well I guess I have fallen behind on blogging...so there will be quite a few pics here.

On September 19th, we went out to Chino Latinos' for my brother Lances' B-day...he was the Big 30! It was Lance, Juliana, my mom, Eric, Matt and I...Brian had to work =(

Here is Lance and Juliana...they like to be silly sometimes!

My mom and Eric...
Matt and I...
Saturday night (Sept. 20th), Lance and some of his friends headed out to do a pub crawl. Matt went along, and of course needed a costume. He custom made Lance and him helmets and they wore them along with painter suits. He just totally cracks me up, and he is soooooo creative. I told him he will be making our childrens' halloween costumes for sure. I have yet to see pics of Lance in his outfit but here is Matt!!
On the 23rd my mom and I headed to Duluth so that I could get a hair and makeup trial, we had fun! This is the only picture I can show you because I wouldn't want Matt to see what my hair will be like...gotta keep something a surprise! Jocelyn at ShearKatz was very sweet.
On the 24th, I headed up to Tanger Outlet Mall and met up with Lynn and Ava and Marianne and Jacob. I can see how shopping with a stroller would be a bit of a chore...I was their door opener for the afternoon, but I didn't mind! The babies were so good, pretty much slept the whole time! After leaving the mall I went over to Lynn and Jamies and then Ava was wide awake. Isn't she just precious?!
Look at her tiny little fingers!

And the feet...
I know I have said it before, but it is so fun to see my friends transition into motherhood!
On Friday the 26th Matt and I went to see Eagle Eye, which was a good movie but creepy in the sense that you wouldn't want it to happen!
Saturday we headed into Wisconsin in the evening to hang out with our friend Larry and his family. These people know how to throw a party. A huge, huge pot of Chili with all the extra fixins', karaoke, a garage with screen doors with tables and chairs and a bonfire...who could ask for more! The karaoke was highly entertaining...some really good voices, some funny songs and some songs that I just have never heard!

Sunday afternoon I had my first shower. My aunt Denice through it at her house and her girls and my other aunts and mom helped out as well! Wow, do I feel blessed for such wonderful people in my life! We had my family, some of Matts family as well as some of my friends there. It was GREAT! We at Mexican food, talked, played original games and I opened gifts. Everyone was so generous. The only thing I wish is that I would've had more one on one time with the guests.

Denice made this cool fruit boquet!

Noelle was very nice to take pictures for me! I got some wonderful gifts.

Happiness resides not in posessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul. ~Democritus