Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I Love what I do!

I am blessed to have this unique role in peoples lives; I get to capture the beauty and the essence of who they are!

On Thursday October 9th I photographed Kaitlyn and Luke! Little Luke loved playing with the leaves, it was hard to get him to even look up. Kaitlyn enjoyed getting her picture taken and loved playing with the horeshoes and jumpin' in the leaves! These two are so cute!

On Saturday October 18th I took some pictures of two fur boys...Murray and Zack. We had a lot of fun running around in the backyard!

This is Zack...

This is Murray....

I just love capturing the beauty of life!

Beauty is not caused. It is. ~Emily Dickinson


  1. Great looking kids! I love your site too BTW. Nice job.

  2. The first should be framed big! Zack looks like a real character.

  3. What a couple of cute kids and great portraits. Some cute doggies, too!

  4. The one in the leaves in wonderful!!! Love it. I love the title of your blog by the way!