Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amazing Couple!

This is my good friend Nicole and her wonderful husband Greg.
Their beautiful baby will be arriving within the next few weeks.
It has not been an ordinary pregnancy for her. She got thrown a curveball.
She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in May and finished up her four rounds of
Chemo in the middle of September. It has been quite the journey for her, from first hearing
the word "cancer" to facing head-on her fear of Chemo. She has had frequent
Ultrasounds, so she gets to see that baby is doing well, which has really been a blessing for her.
Greg has also been an amazing husband through all of it, he keeps her laughing with his ever-goofy and loving ways!
I am so amazed and humbled by the journey Nicole has been on and the strength she has shown.
Whenever I think of her, I am inspired!

Doesn't she look GREAT!!!
I look forward to meeting your sweet baby!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Possiblity Part 2

There are times that we find ourselves jealous of what someone else has, whether it be a material thing, a physical attribute, personality trait etc. On the contrary, there are times we despise other people, whether it be for an action they carried out, a physical attribute, a personality trait etc.

Walking through life with these feelings toward others only hurts us.

In jealousy, we are saying to ourselves " they are better than me"
In despisement, we are saying to ourselves " I am better than them"
Neither statement has possibility in it.

In the previous post, Possibility Part 1, I talked about awareness.

Awareness is where possibility begins.
We must be aware of what our thinking is, so that we can move on from jealousy and despisement to a place of understanding, acceptance and possibility.

Feelings of jealousy and despisement won't completely go away because, after all, we are human. The point is to be conscious of them and choose to have control over how we handle our thoughts and feelings.

Live your possibilities everyday!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Possibility Part 1

Here I am, just months old, surrounded by my loving, playful brothers.

Someday my gravestone will read 1980-xxxx
A beginning, a middle and an end.

At the beginning, the possiblities are endless.
In the middle, we often shrink the possibilities due to our own imaginary constraints.
At the end, the possibilities are gone unless we have created something in the middle that would continue to live on.

How do we live our lives so that when we are gone, what we have done will be remembered?
How do we live so that all possibilities continue to be achievable in our minds?

I believe it starts with awareness. Awareness of what we think of ourselves and others. Awareness of our dreams. Awareness of the thoughts and attitudes that precede our actions.
We must slow down and examine ourselves, and realize our potential!

Every good thing we do has a ripple effect!
One person can make a HUGE difference!

Live your possibilities everyday!