Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Possiblity Part 2

There are times that we find ourselves jealous of what someone else has, whether it be a material thing, a physical attribute, personality trait etc. On the contrary, there are times we despise other people, whether it be for an action they carried out, a physical attribute, a personality trait etc.

Walking through life with these feelings toward others only hurts us.

In jealousy, we are saying to ourselves " they are better than me"
In despisement, we are saying to ourselves " I am better than them"
Neither statement has possibility in it.

In the previous post, Possibility Part 1, I talked about awareness.

Awareness is where possibility begins.
We must be aware of what our thinking is, so that we can move on from jealousy and despisement to a place of understanding, acceptance and possibility.

Feelings of jealousy and despisement won't completely go away because, after all, we are human. The point is to be conscious of them and choose to have control over how we handle our thoughts and feelings.

Live your possibilities everyday!

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