Saturday, December 15, 2012

Let love lead.

In the face of tragedy we must remember that LOVE
is greater than FEAR.  We must let love lead us and be our focus.
We must feel the love in our hearts for lives lost and lives changed forever.
We must not focus on the anger, although there will naturally be anger.
We must pray.
We must pray even for those who are angry that they deal
with it constructively. 
We must pray that our children live not in fear but
in the light of God.
I do not think the answer is more guns.
I do not think the answer is "what to do if a gunmen
enters the school" drill.
I do not think anger is the answer.
I do not think instilling more fear is the answer.
 I do believe the answer begins with love.
I do believe we must help the troubled, the people that are a little "off",
the homeless, the forgotten.
I do believe we must pray for our children and love them and
hold them a little longer.
I do believe we must change.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear Daughter: Part 5

Dear Daughter-
May the glee you have within you now
never diminish.
May you always have the hunger to know
and understand.
And may you always find ways
to bring joy to those around you!
Love, Mom

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A spiritual experience

I love garage sales; someones garbage becomes my treasure at a cheap price.
Estate sales are completely different.
Sure I still find treasures but it also is a spiritual experience.
I find myself connecting with this person I don't know.
I am gathering their stories, understanding who they were,
what they valued, what their hobbies were.
This morning I went to an estate sale of a woman, a widower, a mother,
a grandmother, a seamstress.  A woman who is now in the end stages of Alzheimer's. 
I connected with her spirit and also reflected about my aunt and
grandmother who I lost just over a year ago to the same disease.
To those that have lost someone to Alzheimer's you know that you have
to grieve twice, first you lose the person then you lose the body.
Such emotions in me today.
I cannot get through an estate sale without feeling connected
to God and to the person whose stuff I am rummaging through
and I am thankful for that.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Funky Chunky Crayons

I had read about recycling broken crayons here, and just had to try it.
I took the paper off all the crayons which was the most time consuming part of the process.

I coated the mini-muffin tin with vegetable oil and sorted the crayons.
I sorted some in color schemes, like yellows and oranges, pinks and purples, greens and blues.
And then I added a few different schemes like red and green for Christmas and pink and silver cuz that's just pretty!
( I forgot to take a picture of the crayons layered in their spots before baking...forgive me I had a toddler hugging my leg =))

Here are the crayons after baking for about 7 minutes at 275 degrees.

Aren't they just so pretty. 
I imagine if they were soap how yummy they'd smell or if they were
candy how delicious they'd taste.  But they are crayons and I imagine
they will color some gorgeous pictures!
Shine on!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Worry didn't have a chance!

Sometimes I tend to get caught up in worry, especially before a big transition.
Ever since Liberty started falling asleep consistently with breastfeeding at bedtime,
I dreaded the day she'd have to fall asleep any other way. 
I feared I wouldn't be able to comfort her into a peaceful slumber.
The dreaded day was Sunday, and it actually was beautiful.
Something I worried about for close to a year, couldn't have been more perfect.
She laid in my arms as I rocked her and sang to her.
We looked at each other and there was understanding.
Our hearts were speaking and we were both okay.
We'd done well on this journey.
She was awake when I put her in her crib and she softly drifted into sleep.
It couldn't have been more beautiful.
Worry didn't have a chance against love.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's changing.

One of the favorite parts of my day used to be when
I'd go get Liberty from her nap.  She would be standing up
happy and waiting for me to arrive.
I'd pick her up out of her crib she'd wrap her warm legs around me and
rest her soft little head on my shoulder. 
I would kiss her forehead and brush her hair with my hand
and just hug her for a few moments.
Now it seems she is interested in exploring around her crib
when she wakes up and isn't as eager to get out
and hug me. 
Maybe this is toddler hood.  Maybe I need to let go a little.
I do know that I will embrace all the sweet tenderness when I can in
whatever form it comes.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

One year of Liberty!

Liberty turned one yesterday.  She has had
a very happy and healthy first year.
In one year we went from having her in our arms for hours and hours each day to
having her run all around the zoo on her birthday!
What an amazing journey this first year has been.
I am just so in love with her!
People always warned me how fast it would go and to cherish all of it.
Time definitely felt different this past year. 
Some days were long and it seemed that the weeks flew by and yet it
feels like forever ago that we left the hospital with our sweet Liberty.
A friend told me it is because SO much happens in such a little bit of time, and I agree.
With a baby, change seems to happen daily; a new sound, a new expression, a new movement!
I can say that we were good about writing things down and taking pictures and videos;  I feel
good knowing that I have a few places to look when I need to jog my memory of
what she was like each step of the way.
Looking back at the year it really did go fast and I feel so blessed to
be her momma and I am looking forward to her toddler hood!

Day 1
1 month
2 months 
 3 months
 4 months
5 months
 6 months
 7 months
 8 months
 9 months
 10 months
 11 months
 1 year

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's a BIG world afterall!

Liberty just started walking about a week ago.
 It is so funny sometimes because she tries to go so fast that
her head gets in front of the rest of her body..gotta love her enthusiasm.
Yesterday was a day that I would normally not have spent
with Liberty because I worked the night before. 
I slept a couple hours in the morning and then we
spent the afternoon outside.  It was a gorgeous day and
so much fun!
This journey of watching her grow and learn has to be one
of the most amazing things ever!
So much joy in my heart.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

She pleaded...

She gave me that look and pointed at the container of
pureed spinach and potatoes.
Her cry said "I am a big girl, I can do it myself."
She pleaded "I have been feeding myself finger foods for months,
I know I can handle pureed too!"
What was a mother to do?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Crafty space {basement makeover}

I have been dreaming of a place where I can be artsy and craftsy...
a place where I can sit down in my spare minutes
and be creative...
a place where I can leave a mess and pick up where I left off...
a place for my mind to wander and my hands to create!
So I created space in the basement.


I took 3 Queen/King flatsheets and nailed them to the ceiling beams....looks
sort of pillowy.
I measured the area for carpet and got a 12x13 remnant and put
carpet tape around the edges and laid it down.
I added lights, shelving, tables and a couple nails to hang
a canvas and a painting shirt....
I am happy with this budget makeover! 
Estimated cost $120

I am so excited to have this space to create!!
I will be hosting craft parties too...yay!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

She didn't know...

She didn't know through all her trials
that there would be such triumph.
She didn't know that bad relationships would
help her to be grateful for the good ones.
She didn't know she'd have a wonderful husband who
would love her just the way she was.
She didn't know that all the terrible choices she made
 would turn into lessons to reflect on.
She didn't know that the things her mom was saying
would be things she'd say to her own daughter.
She didn't know that when she was lost she was
really on the path to knowing herself.
She didn't know that all along there was a plan
and it was better than anything she could of dreamed of.
She was me.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

These are the days!

Although our MN winter was mild compared to other years,
I longed for short-sleeve weather!
These past two days the weather has been dreamy;
warm and breezy!
Yesterday Liberty and I went for 3 walks and today we went
for 2! 

Happy Sunny Days!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dear Daughter Part 4

Dear Daughter-

My wish for you:
to know the kind of love that will make your
heart sing,
to be kind to yourself and to others,
to listen to your inner passion and
not the naysayers,
to keep a young heart always!

Love, Mom

Saturday, February 11, 2012


In my birthday post of 2011 I wrote about
finding balance between all my various
roles and parts of myself.  I wrote
about spending less time on
wasteful activities.

I am beginning to find that balance.

I spend less time on facebook.
I still go on facebook but I am not
constantly thinking "oh, I need to post
this picture or say this" etc.  I don't
feel attached to facebook.  Now when
I take pictures I just think about
documenting the present moment and
not whether I need to show it to the world.
It is a good relationship to have
with facebook because before I was
a little crazy.

During Liberty's nap time I used to just waste time
on the computer.  Now I have been organizing,
creating, making baby food or cleaning.
  I used to think I had to accomplish a huge project all at once.
 I am seeing that even 10 minutes of sketching, brainstorming or
organizing helps me to feel a balance within.

My new motto "I've got 10 minutes what can I do?"
or however much time I do have.

It would have been useful to know this kind of
balance before having a baby because I wasted
a lot of time before Liberty arrived.
Amazing how Liberty brought so much
perspective into my life.  She has helped
me to look at what really matters in life.
Having balance within has helped me to
be present.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winter Escape

On my way home from work this morning I noticed
the magical scenery around me.  I hoped it would stay that way until I got home.
When I got home baby was sleeping with dadda on the couch, so I escaped outside with my macro lens.  The hoar frost reminded me of little feathers...lovely!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How I dream...

How I dream of a craft room like this!
Clean and organized.  A spot that belongs to just crafting.
A spot where I can just jump right in even if I only have
ten minutes to spare.
I will create space just for crafting very soon.
Only thing I would add is an easel, so I could
paint standing up if I wanted.

Dream. Dream. Dream.
Make true.  Make true.  Make true!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dear Daughter Part 3

Dear Daughter-

You reach a place in my heart that I never
knew existed, until there was you.
You fill my life with such joyful abundance!
Every night as you fall asleep in my arms
I get teary eyed and thank God
for you.
I thank God for you everyday!

Love, Mom