Saturday, February 11, 2012


In my birthday post of 2011 I wrote about
finding balance between all my various
roles and parts of myself.  I wrote
about spending less time on
wasteful activities.

I am beginning to find that balance.

I spend less time on facebook.
I still go on facebook but I am not
constantly thinking "oh, I need to post
this picture or say this" etc.  I don't
feel attached to facebook.  Now when
I take pictures I just think about
documenting the present moment and
not whether I need to show it to the world.
It is a good relationship to have
with facebook because before I was
a little crazy.

During Liberty's nap time I used to just waste time
on the computer.  Now I have been organizing,
creating, making baby food or cleaning.
  I used to think I had to accomplish a huge project all at once.
 I am seeing that even 10 minutes of sketching, brainstorming or
organizing helps me to feel a balance within.

My new motto "I've got 10 minutes what can I do?"
or however much time I do have.

It would have been useful to know this kind of
balance before having a baby because I wasted
a lot of time before Liberty arrived.
Amazing how Liberty brought so much
perspective into my life.  She has helped
me to look at what really matters in life.
Having balance within has helped me to
be present.

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