Thursday, June 21, 2012

One year of Liberty!

Liberty turned one yesterday.  She has had
a very happy and healthy first year.
In one year we went from having her in our arms for hours and hours each day to
having her run all around the zoo on her birthday!
What an amazing journey this first year has been.
I am just so in love with her!
People always warned me how fast it would go and to cherish all of it.
Time definitely felt different this past year. 
Some days were long and it seemed that the weeks flew by and yet it
feels like forever ago that we left the hospital with our sweet Liberty.
A friend told me it is because SO much happens in such a little bit of time, and I agree.
With a baby, change seems to happen daily; a new sound, a new expression, a new movement!
I can say that we were good about writing things down and taking pictures and videos;  I feel
good knowing that I have a few places to look when I need to jog my memory of
what she was like each step of the way.
Looking back at the year it really did go fast and I feel so blessed to
be her momma and I am looking forward to her toddler hood!

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  1. She is so sweet!!! Congrats on the first year!

  2. Good day
    One year of Liberty!
    I read your distinguished article and I think your blog will be one of the best if you keep up the good work!