Saturday, December 15, 2012

Let love lead.

In the face of tragedy we must remember that LOVE
is greater than FEAR.  We must let love lead us and be our focus.
We must feel the love in our hearts for lives lost and lives changed forever.
We must not focus on the anger, although there will naturally be anger.
We must pray.
We must pray even for those who are angry that they deal
with it constructively. 
We must pray that our children live not in fear but
in the light of God.
I do not think the answer is more guns.
I do not think the answer is "what to do if a gunmen
enters the school" drill.
I do not think anger is the answer.
I do not think instilling more fear is the answer.
 I do believe the answer begins with love.
I do believe we must help the troubled, the people that are a little "off",
the homeless, the forgotten.
I do believe we must pray for our children and love them and
hold them a little longer.
I do believe we must change.

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