Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Moments

Like I said before this year just felt a little different. I did not have the pre-Christmas excitement like I normally do, but when Christmas actually got here, it was a different story. Matt and I had so much fun at our various Christmas celebrations. What I love is how much "togetherness" there is and how the hugs and laughter are in abundance.

I did not miss the normal gift exchange. I do not feel empty. I feel fulfilled. I feel blessed to have my family and my friends. My life is trully abundant!

On December 20th, we celebrated at my moms.

Here is my mom "cheers"

Matt and I

Brother Eric preparing the bruschetta

We had fondue! We cooked steak and shrimp in oil and then dipped them in flavored butter....mmmm. For dessert we had Orange Chocolate fondue with pound cake, raspberries, strawberries, and pears.

Our 6th annual Looneytroupe Wonders performance:

Me, Matt, Juliana, Eric, Lance and Brian...just before getting on stage.

We danced to Optimistic Voices from the Wizard of Oz (my fave movie BTW)

Usually I tap to a Christmas song, but this year I did a sort of ballet dance to Have Yourself a Merry little Christmas by Judy Garland

Me and Matt snuggled on the couch for a picture (thanks Eric)

It was so special to have my Grandma and Grandpa there. They are both 91 years old and Grandma had just gotten out of transitional care after having some back issues. We are praying that they stay safe.

I think they look so cute in this picture!

On the 27th we headed to my moms for the extended family Christmas. Matt and I thought it'd be fun to get some Christmas sweaters, so we did. My brothers and sister-in-law also joined in on the fun.

Here, Matt and I show off our pretty sweaters! The beadwork on Matts sweater must've taken someone a really long time...incredible.

On the 28th I celebrated my Golden birthday. We woke up at my moms and she made French Toast and ham...yummy...thanks momma! Then Matt and I headed home and took a nap. When I woke from the nap, Matt was already up and had ordered a pizza...way to go hubby! I got ready and we went to MOA and walked around for a couple hours. We went to lego-land (a priority on my list). It is amazing what can be done with legos. The Swarvoski crystal store was amazing and the Disney store had us chatting about the future with children. To top off the night we went to see "Seven Pounds"...the new movie with Will Smith. A movie not to be taken lightly...had us feeling very warm. I had the best birthday with the best husband!

Here is a picture of us before we headed out. I love being able to put the camera on my tripod and using my remote to fire it!!

When the first light of sun - Bless you When the long day is done - Bless you In your smiles and your tears - Bless you Through each day of your years - Bless you. Irish Blessing- Author unkown


  1. LOVE the christmas shirts. They are awesome!

  2. The performance you guys give every year sounds amazing! What a fun family. Glad you had a happy holiday!