Sunday, February 15, 2009


The experts say that when you dream of a house it represents "self" or ones soul. It makes sense to me. A house has so many rooms, sometimes each with a different theme...their own character. We each have different "rooms" within us.

There is the room of "I like..." and it's opposite "I don't like..."

There is the room of "I get sad when..." "I am happy when..." "these are my favorite people"

"these people rub me the wrong way" "I have these talents" "I can't do..."

I have been doing some examining of myself lately. It all started a few days ago at lunch.

I got a meal that came with pudding. Pudding belongs in my room of "I don't like". I looked at the pudding, it was butterscotch and thought "Hey, I like butterscotch". So, I thought I'd bring a spoonful to my mouth just to test whether pudding still belongs in the "I don't like" room. Well, I had a few bites and while I liked the taste, I just can't take the texture. You know how people say "Coffee is an acquired taste"....I wonder if pudding is an aquired texture for me. I think the next time pudding is offered to me, I will try it again. Maybe just a few bites!

Other things on my list:

1. Eat Fajitas at a restaurant ( usually belongs in my "too high maintenance" for eating out room)

2. Oatmeal ( belongs in the category with the pudding, again because of the texture)

3. Breakfast sausage ( the "I don't like" room. Haven't eaten it in forever)

4. Yogurt ( You guessed it...a texture thing)

5. Peas ( the "I don't like" the taste room)

6. Lima Beans (same as the peas)

This is only food. There are more things going on up in all those rooms in my head, but that is for another post.

I asked God for all things so I could enjoy life. He gave me life so I could enjoy all things. (NIV)

Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace.

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  1. Great post!
    hamburger is in my "I've never have and never will" room. lol. Good for you for trying things you don't like!