Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In his eyes...

In his eyes, the world is perfect. He does not see war. His simple needs are met. He knows true love. He spreads joy to all those who are near.

Babies are very humbling beings to me. Their wonderment is so amazing! Their eyes tell the truth, they cannot tell a lie. A baby is a simple little being, with no desire to hurt anyone. A baby does not have prejudice or judgement, although they know the difference between harsh tones and kindness. They do know whether someone is tense or relaxed, attentive or distant.
They know the true nature of others. Babies are such a blessing to this world!

This is my very dear friend Emmy's baby boy! So precious! Emmy, you are a wonderful mom!


  1. the black and white one is better.
    ~Diesel's Mommy

  2. I changed the picture for you!

  3. Yes, babies are wonderful! Great capture and great point-of-view story :)