Monday, April 20, 2009

Voting for Kindness Contest!

I got two wonderful nominations for the Kindness moves Mountains contest. Both of these women sound extraordinary! Here is wishing that everyone has someone that is a blessing in their life.

Please read the nomination stories and vote for your favorite. Poll is on the right side of the blog! Names have been substituted by just the first initial of their name.

#1 I would love to nominate my dear friend and co-worker P. P is an inspiration to me. She has dedicated her life to helping others and worked tirelessly in the process. Whenever I need to get turned around P is always there to guide me and help me see things as they are. She and her husband raised two children who have now moved away from home and her daughter has children of her own. P is a volunteer through her church, for the school, and is also an advocate for social justice. She has taken trips with students to poverty stricken areas and helped those in need. She has also been a sponser for a special gentleman who recently was granted citizenship in the US. In the past she has also worked as her block leader in her neighborhood and spent time with Habitat for Humanity. These are just a few of the things that I am aware of. For all the experience that she has, and work she has done and people she has helped, P never holds this over anyone or brags about her work. I often tell her that she is the 'salt of the earth'. She is so down to earth and I dearly love her.

#2 The kindest person I know is my sister, D.
She is one of those extraordinarily caring people who are always available with a kind word, a willing ear or just a silent hug whenever it is needed most. She always seems to know the right thing to say or the right thing to do whenever someone needs her.
Some examples of D’ kind ways:
Since our sister J was moved to a memory care unit in Forest Lake, D has been there to take care of J’s laundry, sit in on care conferences, take J for walks, paint her fingernails, help her enjoy an energy shake, pick her up for sister time at her house, provide personal care, and so much more. She makes sure that J enjoys some quality time away from the day-to-day of the nursing home and is treated with love and dignity.
D’ mother-in-law and father-in-law have also had some health issues recently, and D was right there helping out with cleaning, meal preparation, and just being with them to help out with whatever needed doing.
D is my go-to person whenever I am feeling down or disillusioned and she is always there for me with words of wisdom or a shoulder to cry on. She has inspired me in so many ways and I feel that I am a better, kinder person due to her guidance and love.

Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace.

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