Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What is a home? Is it just where you lay your head to sleep? Perhaps.

But I feel a little differently. I finally feel at home after 6 years of not. I don't know, I just never felt completely settled in either of my apartments. Don't get me wrong, I liked them and all...they just weren't "home". I just feel like "home" is more than a place to hang your coat at the end of the day. Home is somewhere that all parts of your being become united.

Today, I mowed the grass (doesn't sound too exciting, right?). I have not mowed in over 6 years and for some reason it was really satisfying to see the results of my labor. After mowing, I picked some wild black raspberries....mmm mmm. Then I made black raspberry chocolate chip oatmeal bars...delicious!

It is so peaceful out here. Just walking from the house to the garage is a treat.

I am very excited to finish the indoor organizing and start on the outdoors. I have ideas in mind!! I am looking forward to shooting portraits around the land too!!

This is a shadow self-portrait in the field!

I am so thankful!

Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace.