Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grandpa's Girl

I was always Grandpa's girl.
If there was a lap that I most enjoyed sitting on as a little girl, it was his.
If there was someones hair that I enjoyed playing with most, it was his.
If there was someone who I loved to sit by during UNO, it was him.

I believe Grandpa truly lived every minute of his 92 years. He lived with integrity. He was generous with his love, his knowledge and time. He treated others with respect. He was welcoming and warm and thrived on sharing stories. His laughter could break down any barrier. His memory and attention to detail were more advanced than anyone I've ever known.

The way that he loved Grandma was amazing. Their marriage of 66 years, never lost it's passion. He would greet her with big kisses in the morning, something that I was fortunate enough to witness over this past year. He was so patient and strong, even when things were difficult.

Over the past year or so, his "I love you" turned into "I love you so much" followed by a big kiss. One of my best memories, was just this past December. My dad and I were visiting Grandpa in the hospital and they sang me Happy Birthday a day early. Grandpa really had to work at singing that day, but he did it out of love. He told me that if I continued to conduct my life in the way that I had been, I would surly have many happy years ahead of me. I told him that I hoped to be as big of a blessing to my family as he has been to ours.

Euripides said " When good men die, their goodness does not perish."

So let it be, that we move forward and grow with the goodness of this great man in us everyday.

I love you Grandpa!

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