Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sweet dreams 2010, hello 2011

Dear 2010-

I will never forget you.

It was with you that I spent some glorious, memorable last days with my Grandpa and endured the pain of losing someone dear for the first time. I cherish the 29 years I had with Grandpa but do find myself wishing there were more and wishing I would've listened to more stories and asked more questions.

It was with you that I learned I was pregnant and then shortly after what it was like to lose that dream. I hurt often and kept hope always and 6 months later you blessed me with another pregnancy. I am carrying this blessed baby with me into 2011.

It was with you that I organized a fundraising event for Free Arts Minnesota. The people that were brought into my life to make the event successful will never be forgotten and the ripples that were made, I will never fully see. I truly believe it may only take one person to have an idea but it takes a community to bring it into fruition.

It was with you that I experienced many precious moments during my Tuesdays with Grandma. From her witty comments to her lovely singing. I will forever hold in my heart the sweet moments of my aging grandma.

It was with you that I came to realize how much the support of my husband means during the trials and celebrations of life. I now understand how much he is a part of me and the way he gives to me helps me to be who I am.

To you, I'd like to say sweet dreams. I cannot say goodbye because you will be waking in my mind over and over throughout the years. I will never forget or take for granted all the lessons you taught me my dear 2010.

Hello 2011-

I welcome you with open arms.
I look forward to welcoming my first baby this year in June and what a true blessing that will be!
I want to continue to develop my talents and use them in ways to serve others.
I'd like to expand my fine art photography business.
I want to find new ways to inspire and spread kindness.
I want to be a better listener and communicator.
I want to love more deeply.
I look forward to all the opportunity and love of this new year.

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