Friday, October 7, 2011

Love you forever Grandma!

My grandma passed away last Saturday at the age of 94.

Here is what I said at her "Celebration of Life" service.

Although it was sad that grandma got Alzheimer's and that it took much of her motivation away, I was fortunate to spend more time with her. Over the last two and a half years, I spent nearly every Tuesday helping to care for her. I called them " Tuesdays with Grandma." Much of the time we'd share the same conversation week after week and yet they were infused with her humor. And even though she didn't know what day it was, she knew my name and still showed she cared. While I was pregnant she'd remind me to be careful and not lift too much. I will always remember her quirky humor and the way that she effortlessly took care of everyone. I imagine Grandpa is smooching her up in heaven and that she is very happy being with her Karlie again.

I was so blessed to have her for so long!

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