Sunday, April 14, 2013

You never fully arrive!

We've heard time and time again that it is the journey that counts and not the destination.
I always thought "yeah, yeah I get it."  But the other day I REALLY thought about
what it meant.  I was driving home from work and thinking a lot about life, which is a usual occurrence. 
I have an amazing husband and daughter and I am so grateful for them.
But what would it have been like if, lets say, at 15 years old someone told me, "you are going to marry this person on this day and you will have
this many children and you will live in this house...." etc.
That may have sounded great when I was 15 because I didn't enjoy getting my heart broken over and over, I didn't like being an awkward teenager, I didn't like my moms rules and I didn't like stumbling.
But through all that I learned about myself.
I learned which qualities I admired in others.
I learned that what I do and think does affect the outcome.
I know now that every trial and triumph have helped me to be who I am.
My character was built along the way. 
The journey is about building who you are.
You never fully arrive at "who you are" because it is a lifetime process.
At this point in my life I am not even sure there is a "destination" other than heaven.
For example, I continue to learn how to be Matt's wife because we are constantly growing and evolving.  I continue to learn about the thinking behind my actions.  We all do certain things without even thinking about it.  We react or act in ways that don't match up with our values.
We are ever-evolving-beings of magical energy!
We are Children of God.

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