Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Embracing the journey

With the anticipation of a second child,
there is a little bit of confidence knowing that we have been through
trials and errors with the first child.  Also the anxiety of being first time parents will be no more.
Oh, but there are so many questions.
How can I carry a two-year old, a newborn and a basket of laundry up
a whole flight of stairs?
How is #1 going to relate to and accept #2?
How do I get both children into the cart at I put the rambunctious toddler in first or on second thought, do I let her walk along side the cart?
Will I be able to spend one on one time with #2 like I do with #1?
And this is only about 1/100th of the questions I think about daily.
I know some of the questions seem rather ridiculous and have obvious answers but it does not mean they don't cross my mind.
I am however excited to see the relationship that will grow between these two girls.
I am excited to see the similarities and differences.
I am excited to snuggle a new baby and really see how #1 has grown.
I am excited to see another baby grow and learn.
So I will live with the questions and the excitement
and just wait...

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