Monday, May 2, 2016

Her own style

My 4 year old comes up with her own hairstyles,  one braid and one pigtail is something she chooses often.  So, one day we went to ecfe and she had one pigtail and one braid and two different shoes.  I don't try to talk her out of these things.   I make sure she is wearing appropriate clothing but beyond that,  it's pretty much open.  When we got to ecfe, some other mothers were asking if it was opposite day and giggling .  My 4 year old,  kind of shyly hugged me and I just said "this is just her style."  And it is.   I want her to feel proud of who she is and not feel like she has to fit a mold.  I realize it's hard for us, me included, to accept different without reason.   There must be a reason her shoes don't match, not that it was a conscious choice.  This is filtered into so much of what we accept as a society.   As for now, my daughter payed no real attention to the questioning.  My hope is that she holds her head high and feels confident in her choices!


  1. We are the same. One day when our 7 year old daughter was 4, we were at the vet's office and the nurse laughingly asked if our daughter had dressed herself. She was completely mismatched with unusual layering, and two different shoes. She turned to the nurse, and with a big smile answered, "No, Mama did!" It was true. I knew my daughter's style and helped her get dressed so her outside shined as brightly as her inside! High Five Krista!!

    1. I love that! Yes, when I pick out her clothes I try to think like she does when choosing clothes and it usually works out!