Thursday, June 23, 2016

An artist

I often ponder things that seem to have a theme.  One thing is when someone says " I am not artistic/creative" or "I wish I was artistic/creative ".  These statements project that one needs to be good to be artistic and I don't believe that to be true. 

Today I was crabby for no good reason and I tried to snap out of it and it just kept returning and I realized I was missing something: creative time.

I think the biggest difference between someone who identifies themselves as an artist and one who doesn't is the need to create.  Much like someone who has the need to be physically active (running, playing tennis, etc), an artist needs to create to feel balanced and whole.  An artist will create to fill the need but the final product matters less than the journey to there.  A person who does not think of themselves as artistic only has the final product in mind not the journey.



  1. Sometimes I just have to say "I'm gonna go do this photography stuff and the rest can wait". It's good for the spirit.
    All the yard work won't matter in a week, but the things we create may last 100 years or more.