Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beautiful Love

Aging is an interesting thing.

You see my grandparents are 91 this year, still happily in love, and quite healthy for their age.

It seems though that their bodies are slowing down and their role in the family may be changing.

When I think back to my childhood, my grandpa was always setting up a game or telling a story of some sort...a man with an amazing memory. He is the type of guy who could brighten the whole room...he has a huge heart, beautiful smile and an amazing spirit.

And for Grandma, she always showed her love by making the most wonderful, delicious meals. Food can't taste that good without love. She'd always make sure you were well fed.

Grandma has got this quirky sense of humor that makes you recall it days later, and have another chuckle.

These two people are beautiful. They have lived so long and so simply. They inspire me.

In December, my Grandma was having some back pain and ended up being in the hospital and then in transitional care. She was away from home for 3 weeks. Her and Grandpa missed eachother so much, it was really hard for them to grasp why she needed to stay and get therapy. She came home Christmas Day, and that was a blessing.

On January 14th, my Grandpa went into the hospital after having a TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack). While he was at the hospital, getting all checked out, someone needed to stay with Grandma. I stayed a night over there and watched over Grandma and prepared her meals and warmed up her coffee when needed. It was different, having switched roles. Grandpa came home today, and that is a blessing.

I have this huge amount of love for them and I respect all that they have been for me and for eachother and our family. They are in love and they have grown together and taken care of eachother...a trully beautiful thing.

Then I am left with questions:

How do I support them as they age?

How can I make their lives easier or more fulfilling as they tire out?

What can I contribute to their lives?

These are the questions I am living right now.

And when I pray to God to help me find the answers and I begin to cry, I am thankful that my husband is holding me tight.
Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace.

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  1. Krista, thank you for sharing the story of your grandparents.. you are so blessed to still have both of them.