Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Day in the Life: Artist

I had the pleasure of spending some time photographing my brother Lance, and his friends Brandon and Ben. They went to work painting and I captured them doing what they love!

I had alot of fun seeing their creative process in action and seeing them collaborate on a painting (or 4). They will be having a gallery show in October 2009, I will let you know the details when I find out.

Without further explanation, here are the artists at work!!

These kind of moments, where I am capturing people doing what they love and just living, creates great energy in me. This is the type of session I am looking to do more of.
Think of those times when you are just enjoying life. Whether it is playing with your kids, reading the Sunday paper and drinking coffee with your sweetie, walking in the park, building a snowman, that is what I want to capture. I want to capture the day to day activities, the ones that often go uncaptured and yet add so much to our lives! A "Day in the Life" session could be done during a time of sickness, a time when you are unsure when the last day will be for a loved one or animal. I am here to capture those times too.
Email me if you want a "Day in the Life" session. visualessence@gmail.com

Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace.