Sunday, December 20, 2009

I see Kindness

The other day I was carrying quite a big load of stuff in my arms and I needed to go down the elevator. I was planning just to pry one of my fingers off the load and press the down button for the elevator, in hopes I wouldn't drop anything. I didn't have to. A construction worker was near by and asked if I was going up or down, I indicated I was going down. The worker waited around until the elevator door opened and then asked me what floor, and I said "3 please." I thanked him and as I rode the elevator down I was so happy that man helped me out. He was a stranger. He could have just gone about his business, but he took the time to help me out. Thank you sir!!

I was at my Christmas work party the other day and my friend was telling me that her dad baked the cookies she brought. See, her mom recently passed away and she used to bake dozens and dozens of cookies and give them as Christmas gifts. The family thought the whole tradition would end when she passed, but it hasn't. Her loving husband keeps the tradition, the love and the kindness going in her honor. Love it!!

My dad is amazing. He is taking care of my aging Grandparents and has been for a year. He makes sure there are fresh flowers every week. He does the grocery shopping, drives them to all their various appointments, and plays (a lot) of cribbage with my Grandpa. He answers calls in the middle of the night, he does laundry, sets out their meds and so much more. He does so much for them every day. His kindness truly shows through his loving actions!!

My mom helps care for my aunt that is in a nursing home. She washes her clothes, holds her hand as she takes her for a walk, sits with her in silence, brings her nice gifts for the season and so much more. The love runs so deep!!

My husband recently got a new Plasma table in his metal shop. He came home with a gift that he had made for me: a heart with a K cut out of it. His thoughtfulness just fills me up!!

This is just a taste of the kindness I see.

Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace.

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