Thursday, December 31, 2009

So long, farewell 2009

2009 was definately an interesting year. There was alot of uncertainty with people being sick or going through big life changes. There was compromise. There was love and laughter and tears.
A few life lessons were learned:

With every heartache there is a blessing.
Big blessings come in small packages.
Wonder is not only a characteristic of a child.
You never know when the last goodbye is, so it is best to embrace the moment.
Even though someone does not appear to be who they were because of dementia, glimpses
of recognition and deep love remain.
Marriage is a work of art.
New life continues to emerge.
Sometimes change happens gradually and it give us a chance to do what we need to do.
Despite what we think we will feel at a given time, if duty calls we don't have time for thinking.
There are people that come into our lives simply to challenge us and help us grow.
There is always room for joy.
Thanks 2009 and Welcome 2010!


  1. Happy New Year! Stay happy and healthy its going to be a ownderful year!! Thanks for sll the sharing and caring : )

  2. Happy New Year Krista! You're an amazing woman - I always enjoy your insightful posts!