Monday, February 11, 2013

Pinterest Project: File Crate System

I pinned this awhile ago and I finally got around to making it happen.
So far I really like it and think it will work great for our family. 
It is a system that will need tweaking over the years I'm sure.
I decided that a file for each week would be too much so I
just created a file for each month.  I have added 4 other files to the back: activities, donate, work related, printouts.
The activities file has things to-do outside of the house with like story times, children's museum schedule, toastmaster events etc.
 In each monthly file there is a sheet of paper that says
"Important dates/yearly happenings for the month of..."
Yearly happenings are things like in May my business insurance is due, it's
a reminder that doesn't have a specific date.

In the activities file the schedule for the childrens museum!

In the December file, cookie recipes to try next year and possibly
the years after that too!
In each monthly file I have a calendar sheet. 
Then I just hang it up with a command clip.
Being organized is something I have to work at.
I have always been the type of person to know where a certain paper is
among the huge pile of papers; on the outside my spaces don't appear neat =)
I am trying to simplify my life so there is less clutter, it has been great so far!

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