Friday, February 14, 2014

Mother of 2

I have learned so much already and still have plenty to learn.  I have a new appreciation for mothers of more than one child and a soft spot for mothers of one that have anxiety about having another.

For myself, I did not expect to experience so much joy, at least not this early on.  I didn't think teaching my toddler about the baby would be so satisfying.  I thought I would feel lonely and depressed like I did the first time around, wasn't thinking that my toddler would be my daily entertainment and companion.

I was worried that I wouldn't be able to give my baby the same attention that I gave my first.  I don't give the same attention, but that's okay this baby is going to be loved, entertained and taught, not only by her parents but her big sister too.  I realize it's okay to not hold the baby all day.

 I realize we all have to have quite a bit of patience.  Sometimes the baby has to wait because the toddler needs a meal prepared or to use the bathroom.  Sometimes the toddler has to wait because momma doesn't have two hands to help.  Sometimes momma just needs to take a deep breath and realize that this crazy moment shall pass too.  Being a little more tolerant of toddlerisms has helped.  I know that when I stay calm we have a much smoother day and I try not to make little things into big things.  I try to occasionally say yes to some of the things that I normally wouldn't (like microwave popcorn at 2 in the afternoon).  I actually have started to understand the benefit of noticing the good behavior and complimenting it.  I know that the baby will be okay if she cries a little while I finish something else.

I feel we are more of a family.  It's like everything we do and decision we make has to be the best for everyone.  I feel more confident in caring for this baby.  I feel like being a mom of 2 makes me feel more complete.

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