Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Full Week of Fun things

Last Tuesday, I met up with my fellow photographer friend RaLynn. RaLynn and I met about a year ago on a forum after the 35w bridge collapsed and everyone from MN on the forum was checking in. We thought we'd get together and just do some shooting together. She's got three kids and so we used them for our subjects...we had a lot of fun, but we definately did not have enough time before sun down.

Here is RaLynn, Bill, Alex, Hanna and Hayley...what a good looking family!

And Princess Hayley...
Thursday night, we had a shower for my friend Michelle from work at Khoury's Restaurant. It is always so much fun to get together with people from work...away from work!!
Check out this fantastic cake....

Michelle got some really nice gifts. This stork picture frame was so thoughtful and will be a keepsake! Great idea Mary!
Michelle and Grayson and Karmen and Addison..both boys were born on the same day!
Grayson has the most beautiful big eyes!

Yep, got me some squeezin time in. I could basically dedicate a day of the week to each baby that has been born to a friend this year. So many babies and more on the way!! Hmm...Emmy, Tanya, Jill, that it? (so sorry if I have forgotten anyone)
Matt left to go to Cordova Dragway Park in Illinois on Thursday. He was gone all weekend and me and kitty boy missed him alot, but we kept verrrry busy!
Friday night me, my dad, Eric, Brian, Lance and Juliana went to Merce Cunninghams Dance Company production of Ocean in the Rainbow Quarry in St. Cloud.
14 dancers....150 musicians....150 feet below ground...AMAZING! We were brought to the bottom of the quarry by buses. A round stage...surrounded by bleachers and atop the bleachers were the 150 orchestra players...this was like Super Surround Sound! For 90 minutes the dancers and musicians communicated something very beautiful and also seemed twisted at times. The music sometimes made me think I was in outerspace. The dancers held poses....forever. There was so much talent. The last ten minutes of the show, they lit up the sides of the what an impact that was.
There were no accidents...everything was thought about and planned very carefully. Thank God for talented, inspiring people. They didn't alow cameras but if you click the link above you will see some pictures from the hired photographer!
On Saturday, me and my friend Teri went on a Parade of Homes tour. We started out in St. Paul and looked at some of the Condos on the River. Dang $549,000 for an apartment (basically), granted they were nice and most had wonderful views and you don't have to mow the lawn, but still!!
We went to 4 houses and 2 different condo buildings. My favorite house...the $1,300,000 house..ya know pocket change...this house had a very homey feel despite it's size. Looking at some of the other houses I thought they were too big and I didn't get a sense that a family that loved eachother could live there...does that even make sense? Well it makes sense to me!
A couple of the homes we went to had dedicated "Play Rooms"....and when I am a kid again...oh I mean when I have kids I want painting's like these.
Me and the Zebra
Teri with the Giraffe and Monkey...this little playroom also had built in shelves...great idea.

Teri and I then went to Ingredients. I had some yummy Shrimp fried rice and we each got a flight of wine. It is always fun to get together and chat over wine!
We then made our way to see Lynn and Jamie and Ava. I should've taken a picture of the nursery it is so cute, but anyway we hung out for a few hours. The little family is doing well.
Here is baby Ava...she is so sweet!

Sunday I met up with Amanda at Axels. I was supposed to have a senior shoot with TJ that day, but the weather did not cooperate...looking forward to his shoot next week!

Matt came home Sunday evening...had a wonderful time...the weather didn't cooperate for the drag racing but he said it was a great time. He met a lot of nice people and saw some cool cars! Monday we went to see Burn After Reading. It was good except we did not like the ending. It was full of great actors/actresses. Brad Pitt was quite the geek in it and that was funny.

Other exciting things...I applied for the marriage license and please keep it a secret but I gave Matt my last is a surprise...I think he will be sooooo excited.....hahahaha...what if I did??

We booked our Honeymoon...sunny Jamaica here we come.

We are going to taste some cake on Thursday...yummy in my tummy here we come!

He that climbs the tall tree has won right to the fruit.
Sir Walter Scott

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