Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fleeting moments

Dear Butterfly-

You remind me...that moments are fleeting, yet significant... that beauty is in the smallest details... that life itself is a dance...and that God is working in mysterious ways every day. I want to thank you dearest butterfly for the reminders you bring!

Live. Love. Laugh. Embrace.


  1. Beautiful, Krista - this reminded me of a poem by my old (young!) yoga teacher:
    The Space between a Butterflies Wings
    We think our minds make us greater than a butterfly
    Yet she has harnessed something most of us only dream of~
    The magic of transformation
    Her being has merged with the space between her wings
    That space is the stillness which transformed her caterpillar body
    That space is what allows her to fly
    Perhaps someday you and I will become butterflies?
    We will let go of our caterpillar bodies and never once look back
    And if someone asks - what changed us?
    How did we come to fly?
    We might just smile and say ~
    "I am the space between the butterfly's wings"

    ~by Kristin Masterson - www.NamasteBreeze.com

  2. Aw how sweet and amusing that upon my first visit to your blog I come across such a beautiful thankful post!! My blog is all about giving thanks, so this is especially meaningful :)