Wednesday, March 23, 2011

....a year later!

It was a year ago that we suffered the loss of a baby with an early miscarriage.
A year ago, my husband held me tight as we cried and felt our dream slip away and
wondered what the future would hold.
Now, my husband holds me as we feel our baby move inside me. We hold
eachother and talk about the baby's arrival and dream of all the days that
will follow.
We feel truly blessed for this journey and all that God has provided us.
I am 28 weeks pregnant...the start of the last trimester!!

Yesterday, Matt and I went to my ultrasound appointment and the tech
surprised us by doing a 3d ultrasound. So, so amazing. Look at our
little june bugs lips, cheeks...nose. Awww...we are in love!!
P.S. I will have to get some pics of Matt and I together with my baby bump real soon!