Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Randomness and Photoshop

So it was Monday afternoon in downtown White Bear and there I was at the Cobblestone Cafe by myself eating my chef salad, no egg. I watched as people came and went by automobile, by bicycle, by foot.

I thought about many things as I sat there.

Why is it that somedays I pick lemonade over Cherry coke, when I like both equally?

Why does a shirt look good one day and then other days it just doesn't look right?

Why when I enter a restaraunt do I pick one seat over another (if I have a choice)?

When I eat, how is it that my brain decides in what order to eat things on my plate?

Why do some people eat their corn in rows and some in columns and some a mix?

It just got me thinking about the process our brain goes through to make a decision without us being conscious of it. Of course there are times when we make decisions consciously. Hmm...so what would happen if I was in the mood for Lemonade and I drank Cherry coke, would it taste gross?

These questions are really interesting to me.

Okay just a few other things...

On Friday, my mom and I picked up Joyce and brought her back to my moms. My mom addressed wedding invitations (she has nice handwriting) and I stuffed and Joyce just watched us. She seemed very content. Then we ate some dinner. My mom then gave Joyce a nice manicure, soaked her nails and gave em' a good scrubbin. She didn't mind it for the most part, but sometimes she'd give my mom "the look".

On a photography forum that I am a member of, there was an assignment for window light. Well, Chi-Chi was the only one home, so he quickly became my subject. I put my leopard print blanket behind him...and he left, so I had to go get him again and then he was a perfect little model. I just think it is a sweet picture.

Every once in awhile I get an itch to do some crazy photoshoppin'! I usually use myself for the practice, especially for the scary stuff, because I don't want to put anyone elses face through that.

More of a barbie look. I have always wanted pink hair...well atleast I get to pretend!

Sometimes it turns out sorta peaceful....
And sometimes it is just completely scary! I think it is funny. Matt loves seeing what I come up with!

We made our cake tasting appointment!! We called the travel agent to give us an idea of some honeymoon trips!! The hair and make-up appointments have been made!! I go for a trial hair/makeup in September!! The invitations are getting close to being sent out!!

Yay, the wedding is only 2.5 months away....wooohooo! Today we did the dishes together, we always feel better about them when we do them together!

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined. Thoreau


  1. You rock at photoshop, those are awesome!

  2. Bridget I must say I spend WAY too much time in photoshop, but hey I'm addicted!