Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whole lotta Fun!

The end of the week was quite eventful and fun! On Thursday afternoon, I met my mom at the nursing home where my aunt Joyce is. Her room is up on the 2nd floor and they have a good size deck/patio off of it, so we sat out there for a little while. Then we noticed they were having a scrub sale in the parking we thought we'd do some shoppin'! My mom and I bought some new scrubs and Joyce just tagged along. Alzheimers is strange...sometimes I think she knows exactly who I am and sometimes I don't think she knows at all, but she seems content either way and that is a blessing.

After visiting with Joyce I did some shopping at Target and then headed to my moms to relax on the deck. I sat for awhile just enjoying the breeze and peacefulness of the country. Then I got the itch to take some pictures (big surprise huh?)

Have you ever noticed from certain angles Hydrangeas appear to be made from butterflies?

I just loved how the sunlight was falling on this hydrangea.
I headed up toward the silo and found this metal bar sticking out. Looks like a "T". I thought that would make a cool picture and I think it does.
Then I found this old rusty metal basket. Took some different pictures of it and then with this one picture did a variety of treatments to it in Photoshop. The top one is a regular edit, the middle is a tritone, and the last one is an acid wash. This picture reminds me of a dandelion when they are all fuzzy...maybe I am crazy, but that is what I see. And then I found the old green metal chair just sitting there, begging to be I agreed!
Ahh....the vines growing up the silo....looked so cool! I love the shape they make!

Thursday night, Matt and I went to Marketfest in White Bear. Boy, does the town come alive. There were food vendors, art vendors, two bands, a car show, and pony rides!! We got there about a half hour before it was done, but we enjoyed some mini donuts and people watching. Good little excercise for Matts healing foot! Then we headed to the movie theatre to see "Step- Brothers". That movie is hilarious. We were both interested in seeing it but neither of us thought it was going to be as good as it was. Definately not a kid friendly movie though!

Friday during lunchtime I went to visit my Grandma and Grandpa. It is always so nice to see them. I feel very lucky to have them both at 91! Grandpa and I picked up some KFC...ooh was it yummy, haven't had a bucket of chicken in a long time. We had a great, but short, visit.
Friday night, it was off to momma's house. My brother Lance and sister in-law Juliana were there as well as my brother Brian and my Matt. We had dinner and looked at Lance and Juliana's Jamaica pictures. Looks so beautiful there! Then we congregated around the bonfire for a few hours and ate some smores. I have always been one to just stick the marshmallow in the fire and blow it out and eat it. I actually took the time to roast it on all sides without burning was tasty and didn't take all that long. Maybe I will never go back to just sticking it in the fire!

Saturday brought another baby shower celebration...this time it was Rachels' turn! She just looks so good. She is due on September 9th. It will be exciting to find out if she has a boy or girl! Erin and Kim were great hostesses!

Here is Marianne (due Aug. 8th) and Rachel (due Sept. 9th).

Saturday night, Lance and Juliana and their friend Mike came over. The boys were going to Judas Priest at the we ordered up some pizza and watched "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" which was quite a funny movie. Juliana and I dropped off the boys and came back to the apartment and watched "Freedom Writers"...pretty sure that was my 4th time seeing it...I love that movie, an amazing and inspiring story.

Today I woke up late cuz I gotta work tonight, and Matt and I watched "The last King of Scottland"...another good movie. Can you tell we love movies or what. Anyway that is it for now. Look forward to hanging out with Emmy tomorrow night!

May the sun bring you new energy every day. May the moon softly restore you by night. May the rain wash away your worries. May the breeze blow new strength into your being. May you walk gently through the world and know its beauty all the days of your life.

Apache Blessing

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