Monday, July 21, 2008

Crawl 4 the Cure and more...

On Friday afternoon, Matt and I headed north for an adventure...and was it ever an adventure! We got to the campground around 5pm and set up our bed in the Cube van. Our friend Larry and his whole family (siblings, parents, nieces and nephews) were all camping for the weekend. They introduced us to one of their fantastic traditional camp pies and dessert pies. Here is a picture and description
So basically we buttered the outsides of the bread and added sauce, cheese and whatever else we wanted in our pizza and then cooked em over the fire. They were so tasty!! Then for dessert, it was bread again with some canned apple pie filling...mmm. I can't believe I never heard of these things before, and neither could Larry and his family. They were teasing on us. I tell you I want some of these pie cookers...they just make so much sense!

The campground was right on a lake, so after dinner Matt and I headed to the lake. We were standing by shore admiring how clear the lake was (sorry no pics) and then Matt saw a couple fish jumping a ways down the shore. Well, he decided to walk the shoreline and see them. He got about half-way to his destination and a boulder moved out from under him and he went flying in the water. The boulder hit his foot and then was on top of him...he struggled to get it off so that he wouldn't be crushed. Thank God he did! His foot took a hit...looked like he had an apple in his foot when he got out. He was able to move his foot all around..but probably has a hairline fracture. His foot is still swollen and black and blue. Poor Matt : (

If I would've got this from a better angle you could see the huge lump he had.

On Saturday he was feeling pretty good and the wrapping we did kept his swelling down and he was able to put his boots on. We headed out for jeepin' at 9am. The rock is so red and the puddles looked like tomato soup! This is Larry, Bev, Valerie and Holly going through the big puddle.

...and headed up a hill. After the hill Matt realized that his gearbox broke, nothing we could fix at the time. So we thought, eh we will just head out and do some other touristy things while in town. Well, a neighboring jeeper happened to have an extra jeep, so we borrowed that and were able to jeep the whole day. We had a lot of fun. Sometimes it sounds like the whole jeep is just going to break with all the rocks banging around under the frame. It can be scary at times, but it is alot of fun and I love being a part of something Matt loves so much.
And the views were beautiful! I love that we can combine both of our interests. Almost anywhere we go jeepin' there is great scenery!
Oh my gosh...we were so dirty! I thought I got a really nice tan...nope it was all red dirt evenly placed on my face....hahahha! By the time I got to take a shower, there wasn't any hot water left, so that was interesting! We had a great time minus the inconvenience and pain that Matt had to suffer, it could have been soooo much worse with that huge boulder on top of him.

Other News: My friends' Karmen and Michelle from work both had their babies on July 19th!! Michelle was due on July 8th and didn't find out what she was having...she had a boy! And Karmen was due on July 23rd and she knew she was having a boy. I got to talk to Karmen today and she sounded great, they were on their way home from the hospital. She didn't have any drugs...GO KARMEN!! She knows that is what I intend to do when the day comes and she said I could do it. It gives me hope!

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  1. You are an amazing photographer and poet, Krista - I love your blog!