Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Love my Canvas!

I just gotta say that I love these canvas bags! I never thought something so simple would make me so happy. I love them because..

1. They don't add to the mess of bags under my kitchen sink
2. They are large enough that I get by using 3 of them for my grocery shopping (so far)
3. They are sturdy and I am not afraid that they will break half-way to the door
4. They help save the environment by not adding carbon into the air through the making of or recycling of paper and plastic bags
5. They have long handles so I can carry them over my shoulder

If you think they would make you happy too, this is where I got mine http://sacksandsuch.com/Recycled-Cotton-Canvas-Tote-Bag/M/B000I2PYYC.htm

I know they have them at Cub and other stores, I just didn't want mine to say Cub on them.

The following video just gives me a sense of Unity, Peace and Love. It connects the whole world. People are people. We love and fear and worry and laugh and dance and sing. Besides the fact that it is a sponsored video, it has a good vibe to it! Gotta have your volume up to get the full effect! Enjoy!

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  1. Hi from a fellow mpixer!! I love shopping bags too. A lady at a store called me a tree hugger just a few days ago (the way she said it I think she was intent on insulting me) for using my shopping bags, so I felt compelled to comment.