Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Planning and celebrating

Right now there is a lot of planning (wedding) and celebrating (babies)! So this post is no surprise.

Yesterday, Matt and I headed north to taste some different pastas for our grooms dinner. We arrived and met with Sarah and she brought us to this table that was set up with white linens and 2 glasses of water and a pitcher of water. So we sat down and Sarah and the chef brought out our pasta. We got to to try 4 different ones: marinara, marinara with meat, vegetable primavera and chicken mornay. They were sooo delicious!

For our grooms dinner we get to choose we went with marinara with meat and vegetable primavera. Oooh so exciting. While we were there we checked out the room and it is a nice big room with a private bar and bathroom...woohoo! Anyway we are looking forward to celebrating with our friends and family.
On our way back home Matt said "Honey, should we put it all on red." Like a silly girl I said "sure." So we stopped off at the casino, had fun but came out behind. Thanks Love for letting me play with your money (that made it easier).

Last weekend we had a baby shower for Lynn. She is due to have a girl on September 15th. It was nice because a girl that I work with need this Sunday off and could work for me on Friday worked out perfectly because I got a good night sleep and was able to make it to Teris' to help prepare the food and decorate! We had a good group of girls come. Apparently we picked games that no one had played before so everyone thought that was great!

Lynn got some really great gifts!

Lynn and Rachels' due dates are only a week or so apart. Rachels' shower is going to be this coming Saturday.

A wedding, a baby. New Beginnings, New life! Lets celebrate!

Celebrate the moments of your life!

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