Monday, July 7, 2008

Family, Friends, Food + Fireworks = FUN!

Our weekend started on Thursday with my cousin Ryans' wedding. It was a gorgeous evening wedding. Matt and I always forget to get a picture when we are dressed nice...not this time! We got a pre-wedding pic outside!

It was fun to hangout with the fam and have a couple glasses of wine and some deilicious food. I didn't take too many pics though, but I did grab a couple during the first dance. Here is Ryan with his new wife Jess. I tried a different treatment in Photoshop and added some texture to it ( I like it, they look classy!). Congratulations, hope you are catching big fish in Alaska!
My cousin Jacquie is going to be my personal attendant for our wedding. I am so excited about that. I used to read her this crazy little childrens book called "Bony Legs" when we were younger, such good memories. Here she is with her boyfriend Chris...I just think they are so right together. After the reception my brothers and mom came back to the apartment and we ate some popcorn and pickles and my brothers and Juliana spent the night. Sleepovers are fun, although we didn't pull any tricks on the first one to fall asleep....if we would've, Lance would've got it bad!

Friday the 4th, I slept in and Matt worked on the brakes in his Jeep. Then we went over to Jamie and Lynn's. We barbecued some burgers and dogs and had a couple drinks. Lynn made these delicious shots with Vanilla Vodka, Baileys and Root Beer....taste like a Root Beer Float! Teri, Luke and Shawn bought some awesome fireworks and we had a Show!! This is a picture of the "War Drum". This thing had personality, it went about 7-8 feet in the air and kept changing color and design. At one point there were 3 flames coming out of was wicked. I know this looks more like a galaxy than fireworks, but I just wasn't set up to take the best fireworks pics.Lynn and Jamie have a trampoline so Matt and I were jumpin' on there for awhile, I don't think we are quite as flexible as we used to be. Matt pulled a hip muscle or something. We also could lay there and see the Milky Way in the relaxing to lay there with my love and look at the stars.

And there were smores, but the fire was huge (started out like 12 feet tall by 20 feet wide, I could be way off, but it was BIG!). So after the fire shrunk we could toast some marshmallows, it was still too hot for those 3 foot cooking forks, so Matt wrapped one around a piece of wood. Here he proud!

Saturday met up with Travis, Netti, Bernadette, Richi, Johnny and Shelley and watched Polocrosse (Polo with LaCrosse nets) at the Chateau St. Croix. Very cool and interesting sport. Thanks to Travis we had some cheese and crackers to go with our wine!

After the Polocrosse, we met up with Matt and Sheri at the Sunrise River. We tied our tubes together, minus Matt(such a free spirit) and headed down the river. It was about 4pm when we started and there was a lot of shady areas, so it wasn't the warmest ride, but it sure was fun! There were quite a few areas where we had to lift our butts in order not to hit a rock...everyone looks out for the group so it works out. I was tied to Travis and a cooler tube at the beginning but about half way down I was a free spirit too so Matt and I would hold onto eachother and help eachother out of being stuck. After the river we headed to Matt and Sheris and got there just in time to say goodnight to Ashley...she is so cute! We ate some steaks and chilled for a bit, but we were so beat from being in the sun all day that we headed out kinda early.

Sunday afternoon Matt and I went to see "Hancock"....a really good movie. Definately had some surprises and was a different take on a super hero. We both thoroughly enjoyed it! Then he was off to work and I headed to Cub to meet my mom. My mom and I put some steaks, vegis and bread on the grill and we had it along with some salad for dinner. It was a nice dinner with my momma.

I had an awesome weekend! Now this week, plan more for the wedding!
And I thought I'd end with a 4th of July inspired quote.

Without freedom, no one really has a name.
~Milton Acorda

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